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Managing returns with return prime
How can I charge customer for Return Labels?
How can I charge customer for Return Labels?

Charge additional fee to your customers for return labels.

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We understand that you might have to charge your customers for the return labels a lot of times and we have built a way to let you do so. Just follow the below steps:
1. Click on the refund button available on the request detail page.

You can choose the refund option, the refund amount and charge the applicable fee to the user.

If you want to charge a flat fee from the customer for returns, we allow you to do that both on the request(item) level and order level.

1. Please navigate to Settings > Policies

2. Scroll down and you will find a section named "Return fee", you can set the amount and choose if you want to do it on the order level or request level.

Pro-Tip: We do not recommend you charging customer a return fee on their first return with you. The first experience for them is about building trust and that builds a foundation for their further association with you.

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