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Connect your logistic account with Return Prime
How to connect Deutsche Post DHL account with Return Prime
How to connect Deutsche Post DHL account with Return Prime

Step by Step guide to connect your Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) account with Return Prime.

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  1. Login to your DHL developer account or click here.

  2. Go to My Apps or click here (Only after logging in)

3. Click on Create a new application button available below My applications

4. Fill the below details:

Technischer Name - returnprime - This is your API ID. (You can use any other name too)
Name - Return Prime (You can use any other name too)
Beschreibung - DHL on Return Prime
Tags/Kategorien - RP

5. Scroll down to Operations used and assign the tick the below accesses:

Required access:

Geschäftskundenversand/Business customer shipment:

- createShipmentOrder

- deleteShipmentOrder

- doManifest

- getLabel

- getManifest

- updateShipmentOrder


- Alle Operationen

Sendungsverfolgung/Shipment tracking:

- Alle Operationen

6. Click on save applicable button

7. Click on the Apply for approval button. You will get a popup, agree to terms and

Note: Once submitted, it will be approved by DHL. In case, it is not approved within 24-48 hours, please write to DHL support or Return Prime support.

8. Click on the Generate token button. On popup, click the Generate button and token will be generated instantly.

9. Copy the above token - This is your API Token.

You now have to login to your DHL Business Customer Portal

10. Login to your DHL Business customer portal or click here

11. Hover over your name on right top corner and click on Manage user option

12. Click on new button

13. Fill in the user details. Few important details on Step 1:

Country - Germany
User type - user
Usage - API Anbindung und mehr

14. Click on further button and move to next step

15. Under Skills, tick mark returns and click save button. Click on further button

16. Select the option to just order returns and view. Click on the save button and then click on the next button to go to the next page.

17. Review and click on send login button. Ensure Returns access has a green tick:

18. Copy the username and use it on the Return Prime dashboard for Business Portal Username.

19. You will now receive an email from DHL with a link to confirm your account. Check the email address provided in the 13th step.

20. Click the link in that mail and set a password - Note down the password and use it on return prime under field “Business Portal User Password”

Important Note: On DHL Developer portal, ensure the status of the app is Permission granted/Freigabe erteilt.

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