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Managing exchanges on Return Prime
How does exchange works with Return Prime
How does exchange works with Return Prime

Learn how exchange journey works with Return Prime

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Exchange is quite an important part of the post purchase experience offered by a brand. A seamless exchange experience for customers requires a flexible support on the operations side too and we have built the exchange flow on Return Prime exactly the same way. Here is how it works:
1. All your exchange requests will be visible under the "Exchange" tab on your Return Prime dashboard.

2. Open the request detail page to approve and reject the request.

Smart-Tip: Our intelligent system combines multiple requests of the same order to let you approve all requests at once and generate a single label or pickup for the customer.

3. Once approved, you will have an option to create an exchange order immediately for the customer so they can receive the replacement order at the earliest.

Smart-Tip: You can choose to charge the customer an additional exchange fee if it is applicable.

Pro-Tip: The inventory of the new exchanged item is blocked as soon as you create the order on Shopify.

4. Mark the item as received and inspected as and when applicable. Once the defective item is sent back by the customer, you can mark the status of it on your Return Prime dashboard so the customer is aware of the request stage at any given point.
This also helps you keep a close eye on the operational productivity and to chalk out blockers within organisation.
5. Restock old item on Shopify. We designed Return Prime in a way that every small part of the operational efficacy is taken care of.

Upon marking the request as inspected, you get to choose if you would like to restock the product on Shopify or not. You can choose to skip restocking if the item received is defective and cannot be resold.

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