Nimbus Post is an Indian logistic solution provider with a vision to create a tech-enabled logistic eco-system and becoming the most preferred and trusted logistic service provider for businesses. Here is a step by step process to integrate Nimbus Post with Return Prime:

You just need the below 3 credentials to integrate your Nimbus Post account:

1. Account login email - The email address you use to login to Nimbus Post dashboard

2. Account login password - The password you use to login to Nimbus Post dashboard

1. Login to your Nimbus Post account or click here

2. In the left sidebar navigation, scroll down to “Addons” and choose "Order Allocation Engine" or click here

3. Create a new rule using the form and fill the below details:

Rule Name - Return Prime Reverse
Priority - 0
Condition - Payment Mode is Reverse
Courier Priority - As per your choice

Facing any issue in integration? Click the blue button to start live chat.

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