Making the operations and process as efficient as possible has been our core priority since the time we thought about building Return Prime. One of the most inquired feature was Automations so no body has to invest their time in doing things which doesn't add up to growth in the business and here we built the super amazing Wonder Bot which can do wonders in reality :)

Wonder Bot on Return Prime

Here is a list of few amazing things your Wonder Bot can do for you:

1. Wonder Bot can let you auto approve requests only for specific reasons say, If the product is being returned because of Manufacturing defect or if the customer received a damaged item.

2. Wonder Bot can generate return labels and send it to the customers automatically.

3. Wonder Bot can auto approve all incoming requests on your store and notify your customers at the same time.

Take a quick look at the video below to learn how to create an automation using Wonder Bot:

Note: Type of automations that can be done using Wonder Bot is immense and we will keep on rolling out new conditions and controls to let your imagination be the ultimate answer to the possibilities of what "Wonder Bot" can do :)

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