Lot of times, you may need to create return/exchange reason specific to a product or collection. You can create and restrict reasons using the below 4 conditions:

1. Create reasons only for specific collections

2. Create reason only for specific product types

3. Create reason only for products of specific vendor

4. Create reason only for products having a particular tag

📝 Steps to create reasons limited to specific collections

  1. On your Return Prime dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reasons

  2. Click on Add reason button available on top right of the reasons page

3. Use the Applies for option present on the left side of the popup to restrict the reason for specific collections/product type/product tag/product vendor.

Restrict Reason for product/collection on Return Prime

4. Select the required values and click blue Submit button on bottom once done.

Important Tip: If you create any reason applicable only on a collection/product type/vendor/tag, please ensure you do not create any reason applicable on All products as it will overwrite other rules.

💡 How our other merchants are using collection/product specific reasons?

  1. Merchants offering different refund options based on collection/type/vendor/tag of a product. For example, low value/margin products only offer Store credit as refund options while rest of the products can have all refund options available.

  2. Merchants can capture deep insights for a newly launched category or product. A well researched possible list of reasons allows them to get clear insights and improvise the product basis on observation from the data.

  3. Lot of our merchants offer returns/exchange only on selected products. They can create 2 separate hidden collections on their Shopify store and use the above settings to allow returns and exchange only on the ones applicable.

Do you have more interesting ideas which can help our other merchants? Let us know on chat and we will try to include it here. 🎉

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