Every business has its own policy, a way of working and a unique style of operations. The style of operation and the values of the organisation defines the policies and terms on which it will function. Policies may differ across brands and it is critically important for a brand to inform their customers about their policies with absolute transparency to build trust among them. Your customers will be shopping across multiple brands and assuming that your policies will be clear to them, could be a big mistake. Your customers should not buy in fear, they should be able to trust you with their money and choice.

When you communicate your customers these terms and conditions upfront, it reduces your queries, support and disappointment drastically. Building trust among your customers has been our prime motto from the day we started building Return Prime.

We have compiled a list of a few common things which should be communicated to the customer upfront. Here are some:

  1. Inform your customers if they have to pay any charges for returns or exchange.

  2. Inform them if they have to pay for the shipping label.

  3. Inform your customers on the expected condition of the product when they ship it back to you.

  4. Inform them about the factors which can make you reject their requests.

Pro-Tip: Make these pointers a part of your returns policy as well as reasons so your customers can see it while raising a request.

📝 Want to create reason specific Terms and Conditions?

You might want to configure few conditions only if the reason to return the item is something specific. Say, if your customer wants to return a product because they "Did not like it", you can charge them for the label or a basic return fee and you should show that clearly when they select this as their reason to return the item.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. On your Return Prime dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reasons

  2. Click on Add reason button available on the top right of the page

3. Lookout for a field called Show a "Specific message if the customer selects this reason"

4. Enter the Message/Terms in the box provided.

5. Tick the option "Make it mandatory to opt-in" below it. This will make the customers agree to it before they can move to next steps. It will look like this to the customers:

Return Prime Customer Opt-in
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