Mobile Apps are now a must for all eCommerce brands. Mobile apps convert 2X higher than the website. With an app, customer loyalty and engagement escalates dramatically helping you convert better.

Let's see how you can integrate Return Prime with any Mobile app in just a matter of few hours and let the users raise a return/exchange for their order right from the chat itself:

1. Make use of our API

This API is used to redirect the users to the return prime request details page to raise return/exchange request.

● Method: GET

● URL endpoint:{order_name}&email={customer_email}&store{shopify_store_url}&channel_id={channel_id}

● Params:

order_number: name of the order Eg. #RCOM1234

email: customer email address

store: Shopify store url eg.

channel_id: unique channel id provided by Return Prime for each channel

Note: For Staging Environment, channel_id is 99998

Here is an example GET request

● Success Response:

The above GET API call on success will redirect the merchant to order list page of Return Prime

● Error response:

{ "success": false,"event": "event name","message": "<description>"}

● Error response codes:

400 = Bad request

500 = Internal server error

NOTE: Channel ID for Mobile app integrations for production environment will be shared once the integration is done.

Who else is integrated with Return Prime?

Plobal, Hulk, Appmaker integration with Return Prime

Facing any issue with integrations? Click the blue chat button or write us at

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