In our continue efforts towards making Return Prime an Exchange first app, we are here with a new feature which will allow your customers to exchange with any other product available on your store and you can collect the additional amount without manual Intervention.

This is how the customers will be placing an exchange requests and pay the additional amount.

Here are the steps to enable this on your account:-

1. Open the Return Prime dashboard and click on "Settings".

2. Here first we will connect the Razorpay account. To do this please click on "Integrations".

3. Scroll down and find Razorpay in the list and click on the activate button to provide the required details.

4. Here you will need to provide the Razorpay "API key ID" and "API Secret" in order to activate it. If you already have the credentials saved then you can update them here or regenerate the keys from the Razorpay dashboard. Once done then click on the "Save and activate" button.

5. Once it is done then move back to Settings and click on "Policies".

6. Here we will enable the feature "Exchange with other products" and show all the products available in the store. Make sure we check the "Automatically capture" option in order to collect the additional amount. Once done then click on save.

You are all set now. Your customers will be able to place an exchange request and pay the additional amount difference at the same time.

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