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How to change the available refund modes for customers?
How to change the available refund modes for customers?
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For every E-commerce store, there can be two types of orders:-

  1. Prepaid orders

  2. Manually paid/COD orders

Multiple refund modes are available on Return Prime to help merchants in processing the amount to the customer according to their type of order. They can configure the refund modes according to a particular reason.

To configure or change the refund orders for the merchants you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Click on the "Settings" icon on your Return Prime dashboard.

2. Now here click on "Reasons".

3. Here click on the pencil icon, right next to the reason created by you.

4. Once you are in, you can edit the refund modes from the bottom left corner of the pop-up. Different refund modes can be configured for different reasons.

That is it. Whenever you want to change the refund mode according to your business policy, you can follow the same steps.

Tip:- To retain more customers, you can offer them 10-20% extra credit if they opt for Store credit instead of a cash refund. The translation can be changed from "Settings > Translations".

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