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How to offer store credit (Gift card/Discount code) via Return Prime?
How to offer store credit (Gift card/Discount code) via Return Prime?
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Store credit is the best way to retain a customer who came to return the item. Return Prime enables the option to do this in an automated way. We allow you to offer store credit to the customer and process the gift card/discount code in a single click.

Here is how you can configure it to on your store:-

  1. Navigate to "Settings > Reasons" on your Return Prime dashboard.

2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the reason that you have created.

3. On the left side, you will find the refund modes that you can offer to the customers, from there check the "Store Credit" option and click on the save button.

4. Repeat the same for the reason where you want to offer store credit.

5. This is how it is going to look to the customer when they will raise request for return.

6. When you will process the refund to the customer from Return Prime dashboard, the system will automatically select Gift card if customer chose Store Credit option while raising the request.

7. With one click of a refund, the gift card code will be sent to the customer via email. :)

Isn't that easy and smooth? You can try to configure this option with the steps above, While it is easy to set up still if you face any challenges you can start a live chat instantly from the dashboard and our team will help you do it in no time.

Pro tip:- You can offer extra incentives to the customer when they opt for Store Credit by editing the total refund amount. It helps to opt them for store credit instead of original refund.

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