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How to charge a shipping fee for exchange orders?
How to charge a shipping fee for exchange orders?
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We believe exchange orders should not be charged as exchange is a way to retain the customer make their experience better for the next purchase and build the trust in brand. However, we understand some time merchants charge the exchange fee to cover the cost.

Here is how you can collect the exchange shipping fee from the customer.

1. When you approve the exchange request, you will see the option to "Create exchange order".

2. Click on this and you will see a pop-up on the dashboard with the items to create an exchange order.

3. Here you can mention the fee that you want to charge for exchange and select "Create an order with item price(s) as 0 (Zero) on Shopify.

4. Once it is done we will create a new order with that price on Shopify.

5. Now you can open the order and click on the send invoice option to send the payment invoice to the customer, They can pay using your checkout and once they pay, the status will change to "Paid" from "Payment pending".

We will always recommend not charging exchange fees from customers to avoid friction and give them the option to purchase again from the store.

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