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Setting the Return/Exchange window with Return Prime
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Efficient return management is a key element of a successful e-commerce strategy, and Return Prime stands out as a valuable tool on the Shopify platform for streamlining this process. One crucial aspect of managing returns is defining a clear and reasonable return window. This article will guide you through the steps to set a return window using Return Prime, ensuring a smooth and customer-friendly return policy.

Steps to Set a Return Window with Return Prime:

  1. Access Return Prime Settings: Begin by accessing the settings page within the Return Prime app on your Shopify dashboard. Locate the app and click to enter its main menu.

  2. Select Policies Page: Once inside the app, navigate to the "Policies" page. This is where you can customize various aspects of your return and exchange policies to align with your business requirements.

  3. Locate the Return and Exchange Fields: In the Policies section, you will find the first two fields labelled "Return" and "Exchange." These fields allow you to specify the number of days a purchased product remains eligible for return or exchange.

  4. Set the Number of Days: In the "Return" field, input the desired number of days within which customers can return a product after purchase. Similarly, in the "Exchange" field, set the number of days during which customers can initiate an exchange.

  5. Save Changes: Once you have entered the preferred number of days for the return and exchange windows, remember to save your changes. This ensures that the updated settings are applied to your store's return policy.


Setting a clear and reasonable return window is a crucial step in creating a transparent and customer-friendly shopping experience. Return Prime simplifies this process, allowing merchants to customize return and exchange policies seamlessly. By following the straightforward steps outlined above, e-commerce businesses can establish a return window that strikes a balance between customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Pro tip:- If you want to disable return or exchange, just set the window to 0 and it will disable that option for customers.

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