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Generating a single return label for multiple requests in an order with Wonder Bot automation
Generating a single return label for multiple requests in an order with Wonder Bot automation
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Step 1: Access Wonder Bot Automation Settings

Log in to your Return Prime merchant account and navigate to the Wonder Bot Automation settings. This is where you'll configure the rules that govern the automation of return requests.

Step 2: Create a New Rule

Within the Wonder Bot Automation settings, create a new rule tailored to your specific needs. Specify the conditions under which you want the automation to apply. For example, you might set conditions based on the type of product, reason for return, or any other relevant criteria.

Step 3: Set a Wait Time

One of the key features of Wonder Bot Automation is the ability to add a wait time before processing return requests. Decide on an appropriate wait time for your workflow; for instance, you can set a wait time of 15 minutes. This means that when a return request is initiated, the Wonder Bot will wait for 15 minutes before taking action.

Step 4: Save and Activate the Rule

Once you've configured the rule and set the wait time, save the changes and activate the rule. This ensures that the Wonder Bot will follow the specified conditions and wait for the defined time frame before processing return requests.

Step 5: Watch Wonder Bot in Action

As customers initiate return requests for various items, Wonder Bot will automatically consolidate these requests within the specified wait time. Instead of generating multiple return labels for separate requests, Wonder Bot combines them into a single, comprehensive return label.


Return Prime's Wonder Bot Automation feature, with the added capability of setting a wait time, offers a powerful solution for merchants looking to optimize their return processes. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that the Wonder Bot consolidates multiple return requests into a single label, providing a more straightforward and efficient experience for both your business and your customers. Take advantage of this innovative feature to streamline operations and elevate your customer satisfaction in the realm of returns.

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