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Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS)
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Return Prime simplifies the returns process by enabling customers to return online purchases at physical store locations through Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS) scenarios.

With BORIS returns, customers start by initiating an online return request and selecting the return to drop-off location method. They then bring the items to the physical store, where staff members can efficiently handle the return process.

By integrating BORIS returns into Return Prime, you provide customers with the convenience of in-store returns, saving them from the costs and inconveniences associated with shipping returned items and waiting for processing. Additionally, this approach helps reduce the environmental impact of return shipping.

To support in-store returns, the below things need to be activated.

1. Add store locations in "Settings > Locations".

Here you can add the address and select store from the dropdown.

2. Once the locations are added then navigate to "Settings > Reasons" and click on the edit option for the reason.

3. It will open up a dialogue box, here please scroll down a bit and enable the "Return at store" option.

You can keep multiple options as well for the customers so they can choose at their convenience. Repeat the same for all the reasons.

That's it. Now whenever customers start the return process, they will get the option to return the item at the store. Below is the screenshot for your reference.

How to Process an In-Store Return

For an in-store staff member to use Return Prime to process a return, they need to:

  1. Log in to the Return Prime dashboard using their credentials.

  2. Search for the order number or request on the dashboard.

  3. Now they can take action of approval and processing refund.

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