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How to make an exchange order non-returnable?
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We understand that brands might have policies to restrict customers from raising the request for exchange orders.

Shopify Flow empowers you to build custom automations that help you run your business more efficiently. Flow makes it easy to create unique workflows without needing to code, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. Connect your apps together to complete even more jobs. Using Shopify Flow, you can restrict the exchange orders from being returned or exchanged.

  1. Open the Shopify Flow app on the Shopify dashboard. Click on the "Create workflow" button.

2. Click on "Select a trigger".

3. Select the "Order created" trigger from the right sidebar. Once done click on the "+ then" button then add "Condition".

4. Select the condition of "Tags". We will check the tag of the exchange order using this condition.

5. Once done the "+then" button and click on actions. Here we will add the order tag.

Here we will add the below two tags.

1. Non_Returnable - This tag will make the order as non-returnable
2. Non_Exchangeable - This tag will make the order as non-exchangeable

If you want to restrict both then add both the tags

Once done then save the flow and turn it on. It will start working for all the new orders.

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