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Pricing Plans on Return Prime
Pricing Plans on Return Prime

Learn about our different pricing plans and how to choose between them

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We have always believed in simplicity and you will find the same even in our pricing plans. We designed the plans to suit merchants of all sizes. From entrepreneurs who are just starting up to thriving businesses doing multi-million dollars in revenue. All our paid plans have same set of features and the pricing depends on the volume of requests on the store.
Tiered pricing based on usage also helps us understand the scale of business and justifies the investment the brand is putting on the technology. Being bootstrapped, value based investments have been the only way for us and we make sure, we keep that in mind before charging every penny from our merchants like you :)

Here is a quick look at our pricing plans:

Plan Name






No. of free requests per month






Cost per month





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πŸͺ„ Pro-Tip: Keep a track of your usage and switch to a higher plan as soon you breach the available Free requests to save $$

Choosing a plan on Return Prime:

Note: Each additional request once you have consumed the available
free request credits on any paid plan is charged at $0.49.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can we get better pricing for the app?

A: All our pricing plans have been designed carefully after multiple surveys and research. We would have loved to offer a better pricing but unfortunately this is the best we have for all our merchants. Being trusted by 1000+ merchants across 65+ countries and further validated our research and we are sure, we will be able to deliver value to your business as well. All our pricing plans come with 14 days No-Question asked money back guarantee to further strengthen your trust in us :)

Q: We are a Non-profit organisation. Do you have anything for us?

A: We would like start with a big Thanks for all the good things you have been doing for this world. We always have a soft corner for people who pays attention to humanity. Reach out to us using the live chat or email us at to claim special pricing.

Q: We really loved the app but cannot afford considering our current stage of business. Can you offer a discounted rate?

A: We would have loved to offer this for free but unfortunately, we too have to survive :) However, we always makes exception for deserving businesses. If you have a genuine case, do reach out to us using live chat or at and we will surely do our best!

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